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Company Profile

U Channel KWIKSTRUT's products and services have established a reputation for quality throughout the construction industry, and are recognized as a major supplier of reliable support systems and services.

U Channel KWIKSTRUT is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, design, sales and agency distribution. The company focuses on the supply of finished support and hanger systems, seismic support systems, fabricated support and hanger systems and other support systems and accessories and other construction materials. The product range covers U-shaped steel, spring nuts, embedded channels, tube bundles, connectors, and nets. Lattice bridge and other series of supporting products and their supporting systems. With the tenet of superior product performance, quality assurance, and perfect after-sales service, KWIKSTRUT provides customers with a complete and flexible support system.

U Channel KWIKSTRUT uses the entire system process of design, demonstration, on-site guidance, installation services, design and production of finalized products or special products, and complete sets of composite delivery, and has a professional team to provide customers with services of professional value.

Corporate Culture

Our Core Purpose

“With high quality products and services to support a better future.”

Our Core Values

  • Promise


    ● Work wholeheartedly

    ● Pay 100%

    ● Make it happen

  • Responsibility


    ● Take the initiative

    ● Add value to business and business

    ● Contribute

  • Trust


    ● Adhere to professional ethics and build trust

    ● Keep your word

    ● Deal with problems honestly and openly

  • Confirm

    ● Respect the individual

    ● Open assessment

    ● Confirm personal contribution

    ● Award outstanding performance

  • Excellent

    ● Continuous improvement of staff and business

    ● Exceed customer expectations

    ● Outstanding service

Enterprise Advantages

Brand advantage



Brand service providers with industry competitiveness

Won the title of “AAA credit operation demonstration unit“

Awarded "AAA quality service credit unit"

Awarded as "AAA level contract abiding and trustworthy unit"

Awarded "AAA credit rating certificate"

Honorary certificate of honest entrepreneur

Honorary certificate of honest Manager

Technical Advantages


Professional Attitude

Walking in the forefront of the industry, we speak with strength

11 patents

Self developed seismic support design software

Independent research and development of comprehensive support design software

We have a team of experienced design engineers

With supporting field service team

Quality Assurance


Perfect Service System

U Channel KWIKSTRUT a sound quality management system has been established to ensure that the products and services provided meet the highest technical standards.

Obtain ISO14001 environmental management system

Obtain the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system

Obtain ISO9001 quality management system


  • AAA-level integrity management demonstration unit

  • AAA-level quality service credit unit

  • AAA-level contract and trustworthy unit

  • AAA credit rating certificate

  • Honest entrepreneur certificate

  • Honorary Certificate of Integrity Manager

  • AAA credit unit

  • Credit Rating Certificate

  • Environmental management system certification

  • Occupational health and safety system certification

  • Quality management system certification