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Seismic support system design

How to design a support/seismic support system


The anti-seismic performance of buildings has increasingly become an important condition for architectural design. Our engineers can help you find suitable products, solutions and other support through complex calculations from design to construction.

Seismic design

Only when the earthquake disaster really occurs, we know the earthquake event that occurred. In fact, earthquakes happen every day around the world.

In order to prevent the occurrence of earthquake disasters, the current national standard (GB50981) and related codes require the construction of electrical and mechanical engineering to carry out seismic design, including building water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, electricity, communications, fire protection and other non-structural components of auxiliary equipment Fasten (JGJ339).

Such anti-seismic fortified structures include hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, schools, museums, stadiums, etc.

Principle of earthquake

The earthquake creates additional loads in all directions of the pipeline

The load on the horizontal plane (Ex and Ey) is usually the most critical external force of the pipe support

Current building codes (such as GB50981, JGJ339) provide seismic force verification based on the equivalent lateral force method

Most building codes do not consider vertical seismic loads

In order to resist the horizontal seismic load, the bracket must have sufficient rigid support in the longitudinal and transverse planes, and choose suitable fasteners to anchor in the base material.

Seismic research and testing of excellent trough

Yousao insists on R&D and innovation.

For seismic testing, we test our products and seismic performance under a series of seismic shock loads. These include our innovative seismic support system and anchor bolts.