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Our support system solutions

Youcao provides comprehensive solutions, including fixed pipelines, cables, air ducts, fire protection and other industries.

From the design start to the actual application of the solution, we provide assistance throughout the process.

Our modular rack system is suitable for light, medium and heavy equipment.

In addition, we provide software design and other services (e.g. calculations), training and on-site testing to make the project faster and more efficient.


U Channel provides customers with professional engineering services and solutions:

1. Scheme design

According to the characteristics and difficulties of the project pipeline, structure, etc., flexibly select economical and reasonable solutions

2. On-site support

Solve the incurable diseases of actual working conditions for customers on the spot

3. Bracket training

Program explanation, technical explanation, installation training, acceptance training, etc.

4. Bracket BIM

Cooperate with the BIM company to carry out the BIM design of the bracket and improve the entire BIM

  • Seismic support system design

    Looking for solutions for static and dynamic loads

  • Engineering Cases

    Learn how we assisted in the construction of Shanghai Metro, Beijing Airport, and grand engineering projects around the world