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Classification and installation of pipe supports and hangers

Publisher:Administrators Date of issue:2020-11-22 Views:374

1、 Setting principle of supports and hangers

The commonly used pipe supports and hangers are divided into fixed support, movable support, guide support, towing hanger, etc. The layout and type of pipe supports and hangers shall meet the requirements of pipeline load, compensation and displacement, and attention shall be paid to reducing pipeline vibration; in addition, the stability, strength and rigidity of pipeline, temperature and working pressure of conveying medium must be considered, and steel shall be made as simple as possible and steel can be saved.

For pipelines with expansion requirements, fixed supports shall be set where no displacement is allowed; guide supports or movable hangers shall be installed where only one-way horizontal displacement of pipelines is allowed on horizontal pipelines; movable supports shall be installed at places with vertical displacement of pipelines; sliding supports (belonging to movable supports) shall be selected for supports near square compensators or elbows installed at water level To move the pipe freely. In addition, the continuous use of hangers on a pipeline should not be too much, should be set up in the appropriate position of the steel support to avoid pipe swing.

2、 Construction technology: there are many comprehensive pipelines in the project, and the types and process requirements of supports and hangers are complex.

① Installation description and classification of through wall pipeline beam;

Most of the pipelines passing through the wall are fixed with expansion bolts and profiled steel. But before the installation of large-scale pipeline beam, the corresponding embedded parts should be embedded according to the load of specific pipeline. In cooperation with the construction, the mechanical and electrical professionals must closely cooperate with the civil engineering and structural engineering to do the embedded work and strengthen the inspection, and there must be no omission. In the process of pipeline construction, all kinds of suspenders and hangers must be arranged orderly, fixed firmly, and the spacing arrangement should be reasonable. The form and specification of section steel should meet the requirements of design and construction specifications.

② Classification of supports and hangers

③ Vertical pipe support fixed form

④ The fixed form of row support;

Domestic water supply (cold water), direct drinking water, reclaimed water, drainage, rainwater, ventilation and fire riser have almost no displacement, and can be fixed by conventional support. The details are as follows:

The fixed support shall be set at the bottom of the riser and the horizontal pipe of each layer of pipeline branch.

The spacing of supports is 3-3.9m (according to the floor height). When the floor is more than 5 meters, two supports should be considered and both should be installed.

Water supply pipe and copper pipe in drainage (machine-made cast iron) should be considered separately for setting of support spacing. A movable stent was added between the combined stents.

⑤ Single riser fixed;

a) When the domestic water supply (cold water), direct drinking water, reclaimed water, drainage, rainwater, ventilation and fire fighting risers are single pipes in the shaft or other positions or are far away from other pipelines, the support can be set according to the form 1 in the figure below. The single pipe with DN200 or more can be provided with support according to form II.

⑥ Form of horizontal pipe support and hanger

The hanger is installed on the floor, and the suspender runs through the floor, which is suitable for the nominal diameter of 200-300 mm

The pipeline. The installation must be carried out before the floor surface construction. As shown in this project;

Anchor type: the root of hanger is anchored on the floor with expansion bolt, which is suitable for the pipe with slope requirement of DN 15-dn 150 mm.

Pipe clamp;

1) Single flat steel pipe clamp; suitable for installation of horizontal steel pipe with nominal diameter of 15-300 mm. The quality of pipe clamp is 3 m for pipe clamp with nominal diameter of 15-100 mm and 6 m with nominal diameter of 125-300 mm. Supports and hangers shall be set for copper pipes according to design requirements, and supports and hangers shall be set for cast iron pipes with "W" interface mechanism according to the manufacturer's technical data.

2) Round steel pipe clamp; the following figure is applicable to the installation of 15-700mm fixed horizontal steel pipe and riser. The calculated spacing of horizontal pipeline is 3M for nominal diameter of 15-100mm and 6m for nominal diameter of 125-600mm. Copper pipe and cast iron supports and hangers are the same as above.

The following figure is applicable to the installation of horizontal pipe with nominal diameter of 15-250mm.

The horizontal single pipe is along the structural wall and column; the following figure is applicable to the installation of horizontal pipe with nominal diameter of 15-200 mm. Hoisting shall be considered when back wall is built.

Single pipe hanger: it is the combination of upper anchor type hanger and single pipe flat clamp, which is suitable for the pipeline with gradient adjustment requirements of ≤ 200 mm.

Single pipe fixing support; suitable for fixing pipes ≤ 100 mm.

Single pipe fixing bracket; suitable for fixing pipes of ≥ 50-250 mm.

3、 Support installation requirements;

1) The processing should be regular, the position should be correct, and the embedding should be flat and firm.

2) The support and the pipeline shall be connected tightly and fixed firmly.

3) The bracket shall be free from defects such as missing welding, under welding or welding cracks.

4) The pipe supports fixed on the building structure shall not affect the structural safety.

5) The spacing of horizontal supports shall be set according to different materials and requirements of design and construction specifications.

6) For the installation of water supply riser pipe clamp, the floor height is less than or equal to 5 m, and one is set for each floor, and the floor height is more than or equal to 5 m, and the installation height of pipe clamp is 1.5-1.8 M. More than two pipe clamps can be installed evenly.

7) In the above ground structure part, when the copper pipe is not parallel with the steel pipe or cast iron pipe, the support and hanger of the copper pipe shall be made separately. When the copper pipe is parallel to the steel pipe or cast iron pipe, the type of support and hanger is the same as other types of pipe, but the rubber pad shall be used to separate the copper pipe and the support and hanger.

8) When all kinds of pipes are comprehensive supports, the spacing of comprehensive supports shall be set with larger pipes, and the small pipes shall be supplemented with separate supports and hangers.

9) After the pipeline installation, the form and material position of the support shall be checked one by one according to the requirements.

10) It is necessary to use gas cutting when cutting section steel. When the support is opened, the hole diameter ≤ Φ 14 shall be drilled by bench drill, and the hole diameter ≥ Φ 14 can be opened by bench drill