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The characteristics of preventing slurry leakage and durability of the embedded groove with teeth

Publisher:Manufacturer of embedded groove Date of issue:2020-11-22 Views:323

In the attribute connection of energy processing of steel process materials, the embedded channel with teeth can meet the requirements of transportation materials of railway and highway, the use of specialized production equipment, the stability of water flow impact, the stability of treatment process maintenance in the use of pipeline material technology, and the characteristics of bearing strength and durability of a variety of stainless steel materials are guaranteed.

Prevention of slurry leakage 1: according to the process of mixing soil in the components, the stability of pipe bearing strength control can be ensured, the advantages of precision and reliability of mixed steel in the installation and processing bending process are adjusted, and the stability function of gravity bearing of a variety of solid mechanical grinding accessories is turned, and the unstable phenomenon of impact is improved.

Prevention of slurry leakage 2: vibration resistance and reliable characteristics: with different nuts of steel in the mechanical rotation of production processing can adjust the situation of steel loosening, showing a variety of cement structure of the key material in the increase of corrosion resistance, gravity stability and prevent the phenomenon of rust or fracture.

Prevention of slurry leakage 3: mechanical rotation of the degree of fit: according to the use of a variety of filling material structure in the use of the installation properties of the firm connection characteristics, can strengthen the installation of different pipelines run the characteristics of firm support, greatly adjust the durability in a variety of steel connections to prevent leaks.