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Green transformation of fastener enterprises

Publisher:Solid parts manufacturer Date of issue:2020-11-22 Views:265

Nowadays, fastener enterprises, together with electroplating, casting, forging and heat treatment, are included in the industries of controlling development and moving out within a time limit in large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. European and American and Japanese multinational companies have put forward the requirements of environmental protection standards for fastener procurement. The fastener industry is under more and more pressure related to the environment. Whether willing or not, fastener production is bound to be unable to get around the environmental protection hurdle.


Ministry of environmental protection: "protect in development and develop in protection". Reviewing the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the State takes energy conservation and emission reduction as the binding index of national economic and social development plan for the first time, upgrades the General Administration of environmental protection to the Ministry of environmental protection, and issues a series of policies and measures to strengthen environmental protection. Although the 12th Five Year Plan is facing great pressure, we still need to adhere to protection in development and development in protection, and actively explore a new path of environmental protection.

Promote the green transformation of economic development mode. In 2011, there was a group of data that made more than 200000 environmental protection workers feel that they have a great responsibility: 398 important instructions on environmental protection issued by the central leadership, an increase of 113 compared with 2010. The State Council has placed environmental protection in a more important position, which bears the new expectations of the whole society for improving environmental quality, and embodies the will of the state and the people.

In 2011, the role of environmental protection in promoting the transformation of the mode of economic development was further strengthened. The emission reduction of major pollutants was carried out in a solid manner. Prominent environmental problems such as heavy metal pollution that seriously damaged people's health were curbed. Pollution prevention and control in key river basins continued to deepen, and rural environmental improvement and ecological protection were strengthened.

If there is pollution, it should be treated. Fastener is a "three high" industry with high energy consumption, high consumption and high pollution. Especially those fastener enterprises that produce low-end and ordinary products are not encouraged to develop vigorously by the state; high-end fastener production is encouraged because of its high added value and small environmental pollution, such as stainless steel fasteners. For the existing enterprises, if it is found that there is a problem in one link, it is necessary to govern which link immediately. It is unambiguous to say that production can be continued only if the national environmental requirements are met. If not, it must be controlled or shut down.