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Effectively reduce the noise of polyurethane insulation pipe bracket

Publisher:优槽科技 Date of issue:2020-11-22 Views:256

Polyurethane insulation pipe bracket for long-term use of equipment will appear in the movement of noise phenomenon, to meet the installation and use of a variety of pipes on the liquid insulation effect is high and improve the density of instability, greatly improve the use of the product in the insulation function of the firm value.


1. High energy sound insulation effect:

In the process of continuous improvement of technology, it shows stable performance and environmental protection function in the long-term use process, and has become a cost-effective energy product in the new energy.

2. Reduce microbial infection

Polyurethane insulation pipe bracket through the usual function of water flow, resist the phenomenon of rupture in the impact of gravity, become the energy of repeated use in the function of fire protection equipment, and also protect the advantages of bearing gravity stability in the insulation plate.

3. Convenient construction function:

It can protect the effect of gravity stability in all kinds of noise proof effects in the sound insulation effect of adhesion, bear the essential effect in various new materials, improve the function of resisting aging in the function of flame retardant, and protect the effect of stabilizing water pipe.